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Creator Brett Walkow co-starred, wrote, & directed this hysterical comedy spoof with Oscar Winner Brendan Fraser & the entire Fraser family to raise funds for Abilis, providing people with developmental disabilities and their families the support they so richly deserve!

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had as an actor.


Please enjoy: “We Love You Not,” a HYSTERICAL twisted family comedy short film. 

Getting to co-star with the hysterical, brilliant, & sweet Richard Riehle is definitely one of the highlights of my career. Watching him work, playing off his seemless timing, and getting to give him the worst CPR ever was the best.


"Brett Walkow has the ability to fill a room with energy and laughs. The words "high-octane" and "electrifying" are probably over-used in the entertainment world, but in the case of his act, they are fitting." 

Georg Szalai, NY Bureau Chief – Hollywood Reporter

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